ok i’m 200000000% sure there are only love and hwood rps out rn

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city-is-at-war ASKED: Hey, we're a new roleplay, would you mind helping us get the word out a tad? Thanks :D

check em out guys!

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lexii: I'm a talentless potato. I can't do anything
char: don't say that....... can't sounds like cunt
liza: DO YOU WANT TO BE A CUNT?! NO! SO BE A CAN............... OF AWESOME!!!
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what do you guys think? :3

what do you guys think? :3


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Selena Gomez ft. Coldplay - My La Vida

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Probably going to make a new theme for our blog x3 I have to run it by Liza though since the jedi graphic master is the one who will complete the entire thing xP

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Jemima West on the set of City of Bones today


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The Complete Works of Shakespeare
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How to make templates! Some information on Tumblr photosets.

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Reblog if it’s okay to start talking to you.

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